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Monday, August 10, 2015

I See Siegen

The start of my 12th transfer came and went on my mission, and I am now in a new area.

To start the week off, I spent my final P-Day in Schweinfurt by going to W├╝rzburg and meeting up with the Elders there and visiting the Residence, a beautiful building located within the city.  We were not able to take pictures inside the building, sadly, but it was beautiful, and we even ran into some Mormons who were touring the area.  In the evening my companion and I, along with the other Schweinfurt Elders, met with the Bishop in our ward and said goodbye.

Tuesday we had a final district meeting together, and had a motivational speech complete with background music from an Elder who would be completing his mission within the next few days, and learning about the importance of the Sabbath by making sandwiches, a lesson given from the senior couple in our district.  After that, most of my time left in Schweinfurt was preparing to leave.

When transfer day came, my companion and I woke up early in the morning so we could drag my luggage through the city to get to the train station before 6:00 am. At Frankfurt, I got to see multiple missionaries I met in the past, and met my new companion, Elder Pfleumer.  He is my second Swiss companion.  We loaded up my luggage in the car for my new area (yes, my new area has a car) and traveled to Siegen.  From there, we unloaded and tried to meet with some people on Thursday and Friday.  Saturday came, and we got picked up by a member and traveled to the temple in Frankfurt, to visit it one last time before it closes until 2017.  That was a great experience, and then we traveled back to Siegen and met with another member and met the senior couple who works with the branch in Siegen: Elder and Sister Jones.  Elder Jones is branch president, my companion is first councilor in the branch presidency, and I am now the executive secretary in the Siegen Branch.

Sunday we had some meetings, and then I helped the member who took us to the temple pick up an older member to get him to church, and I met the branch.  After church, I helped get the older member back home, and my companion and I visited the member who took us to the temple.

Things are off to a quick start in Siegen!

Last time with the Schweinfurt District

At the Frankfurt Temple

Elder Pfleumer and Aaron see the temple

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