Elder Aaron Baxter
Germany Frankfurt Mission
Kirche Jesu Christi
Corneliusstrasse 18
60325 Frankfurt am Main

Monday, September 21, 2015

Transfer Insanity

So out in the Germany Frankfurt mission, transfer day came and went again, only this time I was in the eye of the storm. The week started with P-Day, as usual, and the time was spent at a member's house for lunch, and scrambling to get my companion packed. Early the next day, we drove up to Dortmund for district meeting, and everyone said goodbye to Elder Pfleumer there, and then we drove down all the way to Frankfurt. From there, Elder Pfleumer stayed in the mission office to start learning the ropes of being a tech elder, and I went off with another Elder working in Frankfurt, and together we tried to deliver a copy of the Book of Mormon to a Russian, and we had dinner at a Pizza Place with some young adult members.

The next day was the day the new missionaries flew in from the states. What did that mean for me? It meant I ran around with Elder Pfleumer and the tech elders all day. We started off driving to the airport to meet the new missionaries and pick up their luggage. We then ran back and forth throughout the day between the mission home and the mission office. We also picked up the trainers for the new missionaries at the central train station, and transported everyone to a hotel at the end of the day.

Thursday was transfer day, and there I got to see past companions again, and meet my new companion, Elder Sollis. We drove back to Siegen despite rainy weather, slow traffic, and a car show in Frankfurt, making everything hectic. That evening we stopped by a member family to introduce my new companion. The next day we dealt with city registration and visa stuff for Elder Sollis, and we drove out to have an appointment with our American investigators. We ended the day planning for the next week. Saturday we saw some more members and visited the African Shop again, and found a new investigator. Sunday was a busy day because of ward council, having back to back dinner appointments, and learning about how to do secretary duties I have never done before. All in all, a pretty jam packed week.

Aaron and Elder Sollis

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