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Monday, May 19, 2014

Strange Week

Hello Everyone

This past week has been interesting.  For P-day I went shopping for a watch, I ended up buying a Swiss watch (a Swatch) for 55 euros, which was cheap compared to everything else.  Then the next day I had a district meeting, and during that time I realized I lost my camera!  I really have no idea where it went, but I have not yet given up looking for it.  It stinks though, first week in the field and I lose my camera, not fun.

I had two splits this week, because my companion is the district leader.  I was with an Elder who is currently serving in the Hanau area, we got along together pretty well, and the other split was with one of the APs.  Both times I was on a split, we were able to pass out a Book of Mormon, so that was cool.

I had two lessons with investigators, which were both interesting.  They were both good, but one of them is a Muslim and isn`t progressing, so we will likely stop meeting with him.  What was really interesting though was a meeting we had with an investigator and her mother on Sunday.  We originally were going to meet with her in our church building, but then it got changed so that we ended up going to their church in the evening.  It was called the Church of Jesus Christ, and it was pretty much a evangelical church that had some pretty heavy Indian and Muslim influences to it.  It was pretty strange, with a lot of loud shouting and singing, but afterwards, we talked to the minister and when we talked about our church and Joseph Smith, the room went dead quiet and everyone was listening.  That was pretty cool and we apparently will be returning this week.  The people seemed really interested in what we believed.

I hope things go well this week, but until next time, I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Aaron Baxter

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