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Monday, August 11, 2014

Crazy Week

Hello Everyone!

This past week has been hard, but not without small success.  Early in the week we did go bys  [Mom note:  Go bys are when they just visit someone without letting them know before hand]  less active members, and we actually got let in by one member.  We will be working with him, and hopefully reactivate his testimony, which is cool.  We also were doing go bys another time, and no one seemed to actually live where they said they lived (the branch list we had was very outdated).  Things were not looking too hopeful, and the last one we wanted to visit lived kind of far away.  We were not sure it would work out, but we tried, and thankfully this person was actually there and we were able to briefly talk to her (plus the town this member lived in was really pretty).  Later in the week, we got a call from someone we didn't  know, and we were able to find this guy, he has met with missionaries before and seems to have not too much interest and just wanted a visitor, but hey, we got to visit with the guy.  I also was able to meet with the one investigator we have, and long story short, after a journey through the forest and autobahn and arriving to a lake, it was too late to teach her.  We didn't  have a joint teach, so we though we could find a place to sit down outside, but ended up not finding a place.  So we didn't  get to teach her, but we did get to know her better. Hopefully next time things work out better!

Past those adventures, we went through the entire former investigator list and tried to contact all of them through phone, but we had no success.  It was interesting to dig through the area book though, and learn the history of this area, there were some pretty interesting things learned about this place I am at right now.

I was able to get to a computer that can upload pictures this week, so here is a picture of me on a Pday in Paderborn from last week.  Hopefully I can get more pictures of my new area as time progresses in future emails.

Aaron on a Pday

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