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Germany Frankfurt Mission
Kirche Jesu Christi
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60325 Frankfurt am Main

Monday, September 1, 2014

A Good Week

This past week was pretty good, missionary work wise!  We were able to get into contact with a few people we had been trying to for a while and had another good zone meeting.

Finding this week, didn´t go exactly as planned (does it ever?)  but we did talk to a guy who was really friendly and open and became a referral for missionaries in another area, and we talked to a Hobo who was incredibly happy to see us.  He had had experiences in the past with missionaries.  It was cool.

Outside of finding, we tried to contact a less active member, but he wasn´t around, but later in the day he actually called us.  He is a super busy guy (he is a doctor) but he was very happy to talk with us and we will be able to meet with him sometime later this month.  We also met with a former investigator, who was super friendly, and we gained a new investigator.  The new investigator is from Africa, and she will be returning there sometime soon, but we were able to pretty much give her the lesson of the Restoration and introduce her to the Book of Mormon.  It has hard, because she was having a hard time accepting anything outside of the Bible, and this other German guy who started to listen in on our conversation had to go all Catholic on us, but she did take the copy of the Book of Mormon and was open to meet again.  Hopefully we can move forward with this experience!

This week certainly had it´s hard aspects, but at the end of the day, it was all pretty positive.  I know that trying to do your best with this work, you will receive help in your efforts from the other side, which is a blessing!

[Aaron was at a place where he couldn't upload pictures this week. -Aaron's Mom]

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