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Monday, December 29, 2014

First Christmas In Germany

Christmas finally came and went over here in Paderborn!  On the 24th, Christmas Eve, or Heilige Abend, my companion and I celebrated the day with our branch president and his family.  We had a proper German dinner with them, and they opened presents and read the story of Christ´s birth with us.  It was interesting having a Christmas with a family that only has daughters, having only brothers growing up, it was the complete opposite of what I usually experience for Christmas concerning opening presents.

On Christmas day, my companion and I opened our presents from home, and we went around to the other churches, to experience what it is like during Christmas time.  There were not as many people attending church as I thought there would be, two of the three places we visited nobody was there.  We also visited with a member and read the story of Christ´s birth with him, and then in the evening we did skyping with our families.  That was interesting because where we were first trying to do it, the internet died, so we had to scramble to an internet cafe to do skype.

On the second day of Christmas (the 26th) we had an appointment with our recent convert, and a single mother and daughter.  The appointment was hectic, and while we didn´t get to do much teaching, it was still great to spend time with these people.

On Sunday after Church the first counselor of the branch invited us, Joachim/Brother Seeger (our recent convert), and another member over to dinner.  There we were able to have a true teaching opportunity, and it was great to have multiple members there to support Brother Seeger.

Have a Happy New Year!

 Aaron Opening Presents

Ultron Getting Into Aaron's Stocking

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