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Monday, January 5, 2015

Bring on 2015!

The year I will entirely spend on my mission has finally come!

The final week of 2014 was an interesting one.  Early in the week Paderborn had a big Catholic Holiday celebration going on, where children everywhere were dressed up wearing crowns.  It was like a big party, complete with a rock band, and it pretty much killed our time trying to talk to people then.  After that we met with our recent convert, and helped out in a home teaching lesson, where there the family invited us back for New Year´s Eve, and then we visited another member who has had some difficult trials in life recently.

For New Year´s Eve we had a meal appointment with the family that invited us over.  During that meeting, I was asked to cut a cake, and before I new it I had a room full of Germans yelling at me as to how I should cut it, and me not understanding anything they were saying.  After 6 pm, my companion and I were back at the apartment, and at midnight I watched the fireworks, while my companion slept.

New Year´s Day we ended up visiting the same family the day before to get back my name tag that got lost at their place (I did find it) and had another meal appointment, and played the most stressful game of Bingo I have ever played.  We then visited another member after that.

At the end of the week there was a zone training meeting in Dortmund, and after that we were able to meet with our recent convert again, and learned he had been inviting people to church.  No one came, but it was awesome of him to share the Gospel with others!  He also conducted a lesson in church again, he is making progress in teaching.  Little progress, but progress.

And That was the end of 2014 and the start of 2015!

Now how do I cut a cake?

Party Time

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