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Monday, April 20, 2015

Aliens From The Fourth Dimension

This week involved a street display, a split, and time with the members in the ward of Schweinfurt.

Early in the week we had district meeting, where we met the Elder who joined our district in W├╝rzburg, and after that all of the Schweinfurt Elders did service at the Bishop´s to lay bricks for a driveway.

The following day I went on a split with one of the other Schweinfurt Elders, and worked in his area.  Together, we visited a family in the ward, and went to a Bible Circle.  At the circle, we ended up participating in a scavenger hunt throughout the city.  It was fun, but difficult, because it was at the end of the day and it was getting dark, so it got hard to find the objects we were looking for.  We had to find numbered envelopes throughout the city that had clues to the location of the next envelope, along with scriptures about the last week of Christ´s life.

Towards the end of the week we went to visit some investigators, but when we came by, they were drunk and therefore we didn´t meet.  On Saturday we had another street display, and there I got into a discussion with a woman who claimed to have contact with aliens from the fourth dimension.  The aliens told her spiritual things, and while she actually had some gospel truths, she was a bit crazy.  It was quite the experience to hear what the woman had to say about aliens and God.  After that we had an activity with the ward and in the evening we did our weekly game night with the youth in our ward.  On Sunday I got to teach the new Teacher in the ward how to set up the sacrament, and we had some visitors from the stake come, so church was a fun time.

On the 24 of April I will be traveling to Frankfurt for a mission conference and there we will be receiving iPads.  The week should be pretty great!

Aaron in front of the Schweinfurt City Hall

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