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Monday, June 22, 2015

It Came

This past week began with playing the game of "Risk" for P-day, but from there things started moving quickly.  Early in the week my companion and I went out finding, and ended up wandering into a forest.  We used it as an opportunity to knock on some doors in the forest for directions and talking to people walking through the forest.  The amount of people out there are far less than in the city, but I got to say people feel a lot more open and friendly when out in nature.

I then had a split with an Elder from the other Schweinfurt companionship.  Together, we met with one of their investigators, who made some free pizzas for us when she was at work, we did some finding in a park with animals, and we went out to eat at a restaurant the other Elder really wanted to go to.

After the split we all traveled to Offenbach, my first area of my mission, and there we had a zone conference.  It was a lot of fun to travel back to Offenbach, and see some of the familiar sites, and hear about how the work is going on there these days.  At the end of the zone conference, we were given iPads, and the next day as a district we got them configured and ready to use.

Ending the week, my companion and I met with our Landlord and Landlady, our Landlady being a member, and shared the first missionary lesson with them.  It was a good experience, and we have the rest of the appointments scheduled out with them until August, meeting with them every other week!  Saturday was transfer calls once again, closing out the current transfer, and there we learned that my companion, Elder Wilde, will be traveling to a new area, while I stay in Schweinfurt.  Not a surprise to us, considering how long my companion was in Schweinfurt, but it was a lot of fun to serve with him!  We then had a street display, but it was a little difficult because the weather was threatening to rain the whole time.  We still managed to get some work done, though.

Until next transfer and a new companion!

Aaron and Ultron with an ipad


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