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Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer Weather

This week in Germany we were hit with really hot weather, which makes working outside not a lot of fun, but at least summer is here!

Early in the week, I had the chance to go to the city of Würzburg for a split.  The Elder I worked with and I met an American and prepared for a street display later in the week during our time together.  We also had a little fun with Ultron.  Interesting enough, during the split my companion ran into the woman I met weeks earlier during a street display, who claimed to have contact with aliens from the 4th dimension.  She told my companion that she had met Steven Spielberg in the past, which I found pretty cool when I heard about it!

Thursday was once again a holiday, but this time we found more success.  We decided to visit people we had met earlier.  We were able to clear up some questions about the Book of Mormon, and as to who we were as Mormon missionaries.  The rest of the day was spent walking under the hot sun by a river contacting.

During the week, my companion and I were also able to visit a part member family that lives far away from the city of Schweinfurt, which makes it hard for the missionary to visit them as much as we would like to. They seemed happy to have us over, and we got to learn more about their son who is serving a mission currently.

To end the week, we had another split with the other Schweinfurt Elders, and we went to Würzburg for a street display.  I had an interesting time during the street display.  The whole time I was trying to fill in contact information on the material at the display because it wasn´t done earlier, yet I was able to share multiple copies of the Book of Mormon with people.  They just kind of walked up and seemed interested.  It´s really cool when that sort of thing happens.  Sunday we had visitors at church, yet no priesthood leadership was there because of the vacation time, so someone from the stake came to run the meetings.

It was a fun week, looking back.  Missionary work can be tough often times, but it can also be awesome!

Ultron calling the Elders to repentance.

Ultron wants you to go to Sunday School

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