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Monday, July 6, 2015

Hot 4th of July

The weather was nice and hot this last week in Germany, but at least
that didn't stop good things from happening.  It felt like every day
of the week my companion and I had something scheduled or needed to
do, which made for a good week.

Early in the week on Monday, my companion and I went to the city to
get my companion registered in Schweinfurt and what not.  Tuesday was
interesting because on that day we had an appointment with the woman
who believes in aliens,  that I had met earlier during a street display.  She
really is a nice lady with a lot of interesting ideas and events from
her past, at one point she told us that she was on the Ed Sullivan
show, and a bunch of other stuff relating to that time period.  As of
right now we are looking to set up a tour of the church with her and
see how that goes.  Wednesday my companion and I were able to meet
with an investigator, and we helped out the other Schweinfurt Elders
with a few of their teaching appointments.  Thursday we travelled to
Nürnberg for zone training, which took up the whole day, and on Friday
we were able to meet with our landlords again.

On the Fourth of July we went to Würzburg for a ward grill.  That
lasted all day because we got there early to set up and we helped
clean up.  There was a bouncy house for the kids there, a good
barbecue but no one wanted to be outside because the weather was so
hot.  Still, it was fun to have the entire district together on the
Fourth and celebrate a little, even if the majority of people
attending were German.  Sunday was just as hot, and we visited the
Bishop after church, and in the night there was an impressive
lightning storm.

The adventure continues next week!

Schweinfurt Elders

Bouncy house in the church

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