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Monday, July 20, 2015

We Got an Oven!

This week again was full of dealing with district leader responsibilities, but before all that, let´s go back to the beginning of the week.  Pday we took it easy and then in the evening my companion and I had a dinner appointment with a family in our ward, which was really nice.  Tuesday, we had a district meeting and then a split with the other Schweinfurt Elders.  What was interesting was we did a role play in the district meeting of talking to people on the streets, and I pretended to be someone I met earlier in Schweinfurt who says he was a wizard.  Later that day on the split, my companion and the Elder he was with actually ran into the guy in the streets.  On my side of the split, we tried talking to people by the river, but for the majority it was all couples who were more interested in each other rather than some Mormon missionaries.  After that attempt of talking to people, we tried out a restaurant that the Elder I was with really wanted to go to.

Wednesday, we split back and tried some more finding but not much came of it.  Thursday, when we were going through our area book looking at former investigators to see who we could try to make contact with, the other Elders called asking for help.  The rest of the day was spent helping them out.  Friday we did some service with our Bishop for someone he knew, and then soon after, the other Elders called us requesting help again, 30 minutes before they had to do something.  My companion and I had to rush across the city to get to them, but we made it.  Later that night, we met with our Landlords again, this time with our Bishop, and it went pretty well.  After the visit, the Landlords told us they had a new oven for us, so our Bishop helped install it.  I guess I should say we have been going a few weeks with a broken oven, so it was exciting to get a working one again.

Saturday we planned for the next week and had our usual game night, where we made makeshift Apples to Apples cards because we could not find the game in German.  Sunday we had a nice time in Church, and in the evening we tried to visit some people we know.

Until next week!

Our new oven

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