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Monday, November 9, 2015

Going International

It´s amazing, all the different cultures you encounter in Europe.

Starting the week off, for P-day my companion and I did some shopping, ping pong, and in the evening we visited a less active family with a member and we were fed African food.  Since coming to Siegen, it has been quite the experience trying to figure out how to eat African food.  It was a good appointment however, so I can´t complain.  Tuesday was district meeting in Dortmund, but I can´t say the picture included with this update was from this last district meeting, actually it comes from a week earlier.  That´s what happens when you don´t get any good pictures during the week.  After district meeting, we were able to visit the African Shop, and while there, we were able to sit down with a few people and talk about the Gospel, and specifically, the nature of the Godhead.

Wednesday was  busy!  It started off by visiting the member we help with groceries, along with our branch president.  We shopped for groceries and did a little bit of cleaning there before we left to meet with our American investigators.  With them we talked about fasting, which made for a good appointment.  In the evening we drove out to meet with the part member family with South American roots, along with our branch president and his wife.  During that appointment, German, English, and Portuguese was spoken, sometimes all at once!  We fought through it though, and taught about the Plan of Salvation, inviting the Spirit during that time.  Thursday we got to meet with a member who returned from her mission not too long ago, along with her neighbor who is not a member.  The member was excited to meet, and we got to share a quick message about our Heavenly Father.  We also went back to the African Shop in the evening, and got to talk with our investigator, the lady who runs the shop.

Friday was weekly planning, and then we went to help the less active member we do groceries for do more cleaning around his house.  We are working to help this member get back into the habit of praying every day, and he´s making progress!  Saturday we thought to visit a less active member from Africa, and we were able to meet and share a message about Faith and overcoming trials.  We then briefly visited an older member who can´t remember much anymore, and then we dedicated the home for our investigator who runs the African Shop, along with a member, who we then visited and had dinner with.  Sunday we got to see our American members make it to church again, which is always a blessing, and that about explains the week!

District meeting from last week

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