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Corneliusstrasse 18
60325 Frankfurt am Main

Monday, November 30, 2015


The week started off with a bang as my companion and I traveled to Dortmund so we could have a split.  First though, for P-day we met up with the Dortmund missionaries to check out the Weihnachtsmarkts.  I was able to visit this particular Weihnachtsmarkt last year, but I got to spend some more time with it this year.  There was the giant tree, lots of food and souvenirs to buy, and overall, the feeling of Christmas in Germany.  That evening I stayed in Dortmund for the split, and me and the Elder I was with were able to meet the recent convert family I helped find when I first had a split in Dortmund a few months back.  The next day two investigators, who were two very interesting people, and then we ran around a hospital trying to find an investigator that checked out right before we arrived.

On Wednesday the split ended and returning to Siegen, we met up with leaders in our branch to set up home teaching.  Thursday was Thanksgiving!  Our day started early catching a three hour train to get to Dortmund, because we wanted to play it safe with our car and the limited amount of kilometers we have each month.  We had district meeting, and then afterwards Thanksgiving dinner together as a district.  It all turned out very nicely, and then we took the long train ride back to Siegen.  Friday consisted of weekly planning, and somehow my companion changing the layout of our apartment during the midst of it.  We also tried to meet with a few people, but to no success.  Saturday we went to the church to set up a projector for Sunday, and then meeting with a less active family, and in the evening helping members prepare for an upcoming move.

Finally, on Sunday, we showed the new Christmas initiative from the Church to our branch.  We also had our American investigators show up to church, this time in a suit, and a member brought her friend, someone she introduced to us a few weeks back.  It was great to see them all make it to church.  After church, we went with a member to visit a less active family, and then we helped the member we were with in figuring out FamilySearch.  It was a very busy week.

Lego Fun

One Giant Christmas Tree

Aaron and Ultron's Thanksgiving

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