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Monday, December 7, 2015

Farewell to Siegen

Well, it turned out to be my last week in Siegen, and what a hectic week it was!

Monday, otherwise known as P-day, was spent almost entirely helping some members move from one apartment in Siegen, to another.  What was fun about this move was that my companion and I were really the only ones who could help, the only ones who could lift heavy stuff, we did it all in the rain, we spent 11 hours in total that day helping, and our car got hit by another car when it was parked.  It wasn´t that bad of a fender bender we got, but still, it was a long, long day.

Tuesday was district meeting in Dortmund, and immediately afterwards we went back to the members we helped the day before, only this time with the senior missionary couple, to do renovations in their new apartment. Later that night, I started my Milka advent calendar.   Wednesday we were able to catch a breather, take care of P-day tasks such as grocery shopping, and we were able to visit our American investigators and talk about the Priesthood and had a really good appointment.  Thursday was a bit of a blur, but I know we did one hour of moving, and in the evening we visited the international family, and introduced them to the game "Simon Says" as we were teaching English.  They absolutely loved it.  Friday we had to run around doing different errands such as getting the lights on our car replaced.  Both my companion and I felt like we had no idea what we were getting into walking into a car dealership in Germany to fix our lights, but we survived somehow.

Saturday we had lunch with the senior couple, and then it was back to the move.  It was the final day, and we were able to get everything done, and we also got to know the less active son of the members we helped and build a relationship with him.  That evening however, during the move, I got a call from the mission saying I would be transferred to Hanau.  The next day at church, I got to say goodbye, bear my testimony, and then we visited three different member families in a row, all of which we were fed meals.  That left Elder Sollis and I at the end of the week with really full stomachs.

It was a great time serving in Siegen, a time that went by too fast, but now I´m looking forward to serve in Hanau for my final two transfers in Germany.

Aaron and Ultron enjoying an advent calendar

Saying goodbye to Siegen

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