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Monday, April 7, 2014

Brothers got letters but Parents didn't

From Ryan's letter:
I have not gotten a German Book of Mormon yet.  Some of the food here is good, I think you would like it. One day for lunch they had Bratwurst and German potatoes.  The funny thing was that my companion and I were the only people that got that meal, everyone else going to Germany got hamburgers instead!

From Tyler's letter:
General conference was a nice break from the MTC, but it was still General conference, which means sitting around.  So, anything you want to know about.  I will tell you that there is a lot of food here, and I have barely put a dent in what Mom gave to me in her package, I can't eat all this food!  Ha ha, oh well.  A few nights ago, some of the elders tried to make a sauna out of the bathroom, I had no part in it though.  There is also a really loud guy from New Zealand a few rooms down from mine, and he talks late into the night, its pretty annoying, because you can hear him from wherever you are.

From Carlton's letter:
The MTC is pretty draining, and I am looking forward to getting into Germany.  The days are long, and I actually had a little bit of an argument with one of my teachers.  He was trying to tell me that the MTC is not a place for learning your language, but how to be a missionary.  All I could think of was why am I here six weeks then rather than two.  I tried to tell him the language is a little part of the learning, but we wouldn't have any of it, but he chews out everyone, not just my companion and I.  Everyday  this teacher teaches he will pull a companionship aside and then just lecture them.  My companion and I just happened to be his first to lecture.  Other teachers are nicer though.

My companion reminds me of Riley, and we are getting along ok.  We are both quiet, so we don't talk too much.  Some of the other guys in my district are much more social, but overall we are getting along well.

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