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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Traveling With a New "Friend"

Since last I wrote a few interesting things have happened.  First off, I got my travel plans!  I leave the MTC at 4:30 AM May 6.  My first flight is at 8:20 AM to Dallas/Ft Worth, TX, I arrive there at 12:00 PM.  I depart from Texas at 3:45 PM and fly straight to Frankfurt, which I will arrive at by 8:30 AM May 7.  I am the group leader, which means I make sure everyone makes it to the flights.  There are only four of us going to Frankfurt though, and one of the Elders going to Frankfurt might not even make it that week because of an illness he just recently picked up.  Speaking of which, a lot of the elders in our zone have been getting into these medical scares, its rather unnatural how often they have happened.  I've been completely healthy here, so thats good, but many of the other elders have had to go in for operations or tests.  Yeah, fun stuff . . .

On a lighter side note, Dallin H. Oaks and D. Todd Christofferson came by for devotionals.  We have had four general authorities of the church come in a row by now, which is apparently unheard of for the MTC, so I feel kind of lucky in that aspect.

Wednesday I hosted new missionaries coming to the MTC. I only hosted one Elder, and he came from England, so naturally I asked if he liked Doctor Who, he said he never got into it.  My cousin Matthew also came to the MTC this past week, I got to see him briefly and say hello, I wasn't able to get a picture with him yet.

Speaking of pictures, I've got a new "friend" I'll be using for pictures for fun.  I picked this guy up while doing our service assignment.  We go around cleaning a residence, and the janitors in charge pick up stuff that is left over.  His name is Ultron.

Yes, Ultron is going to be the villain in the next Avengers movie, and I have an action figure of him now.  I thought I would have some fun with him and take pictures of him in Germany every once in a while.

This is likely my last email before I head out to Germany, which I am excited to get too!  I know that those first few months are going to be hard to adjust to, but when I get into the rhythm of things it should be fun.

Until the next time!

Elder Aaron Baxter

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