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Monday, February 9, 2015

A Week of Finding

Talk about an interesting week!  There were not a lot of appointments so much of the time was spent out on the streets or on the university campus in Paderborn.

To start the week, after Pday we met with Brother Seeger and Herr Vogt, and provided some treats and watched the Church film, "The Testaments."  Brother Seeger was tearing up/crying pretty much through the entire film.  That was fun to do with them!

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent doing a street display in the area of Unna and dooring students at the university.  Not too much progress was seen those days.

Thursday was the highlight of the week because we took a blank day and turned it into a pretty good day.  The appointments we had planned fell out, and the places where we went to look to do service didn´t work out, so we had the entire day to spend talking to people.  We started by trying to give out copies of the Book of Mormon in the city center, and we got one out there, but we were not having much success.  We decided to move to the university campus, and from there we were able to get three copies out.  After dinner we went back to the University and did doors and were able to get three more copies out making seven total that day.  We made the day a contest between our district and zone leaders to see who could get out the most copies, and we totally blew everyone out of the water with seven copies.  We also saw a train transporting tanks that night, I gave a pass along card to a nun, and a student used a satanic Bible to repel us at the door!  Pretty cool day!

Friday we had a zone training meeting, and Saturday we had a few appointments, and on Sunday we got to teach the primary for the second hour of Church, which was fun.

Carnival is this week, and Brother Seeger and our investigator, Herr Vogt, are excited for the holiday.  They arrived to one of our appointments in their costumes for the holiday, so I had to get a picture.  Let you all know how this week goes next week!

Ready for Carnival

Aaron and his companion

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