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Monday, February 2, 2015

Rain and Snow!

The weather lately has been unpleasant, but the work marches on!  I have seen a lot of rain and snow this week, but somehow I have pretty much been able to stay dry, so I am pretty happy about that!

I got to start the week with a split in Unna.  The animal for Unna is the Donkey because it is stubborn, and that describes Unna pretty well.  Got a picture with the statue in Unna.  After the split we had a district meeting and an interview with President Stoddard.  That all went well.  After that my companion and I decided to go out and try to find some less actives that lived farther away, because we had a ticket that could get us around.  We ended up walking in a middle of a storm and got caught in a lot of rain.  I am thankful for my umbrella!

To sum up the rest of the week, we did some doors around the University, and had some positive experiences there, and multiple appointments with Brother Seeger and his friend.  We went over the plan of salvation, and Brother Seeger loved every minute of helping out with teaching it to his friend.  The friend, Herr Vogt came to church with Brother Seeger, and he got up and bore his testimony during sacrament meeting, that was really cool!  The week ended with a member apointment and teaching the first lesson and inviting them to give out pass along cards to their friends.  The spirit was pretty strong during the lesson and was a great experience, the members loved it!

Until next week!

Aaron in Unna

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