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Monday, January 11, 2016

Always On The Move

It was the first full week of the year in Hanau (and everywhere else in the world), and of course the week started with another P-Day.  Besides the usual shopping and emails, we as the Hanau Elders had a rematch or two against a member with "Settlers of Catan."  We also in the evening went by a family from Syria we met a few weeks back, and while they were still too busy to meet this whole week, they still seemed happy to see us.  Tuesday we went about trying to get into contact with some former investigators and referrals.  In the evening we met with our ward mission leader and then had choir practice.

Wednesday was a pretty cool day because as we were out continuing to find former investigators, we ended up meeting one without knowing it at first.  It was really confusing trying to find the place where this guy lived, so we asked a man in the area.  The man we talked too claimed to be the neighbor of the guy we were looking for, but later admitted he was the guy.  He was just making sure we were not from another church.  We set up a time to meet and then took a train out to Fulda to meet with a new member in the ward.  We met in a cafe over hot chocolate and talked about missionary work and got to know the new member better.

Thursday we walked out to a town we thought was a lot closer than it really was.  That made for a multiple hour adventure walking in the rain to stop by an investigator and former investigator.  Along the way we found a "Word of Wisdom" pamphlet on the side of a street with contact info for the Elders in Offenbach.  What are the chances of that?!  We did get to visit with an investigator and then decided to take a bus to end the trip.  At the end of the day we met with a less active member and we were able to give him a blessing when he asked for one.  Friday we had a zone training meeting in Friedrichsdorf, where the Frankfurt Temple is.  Planning was the theme of the meeting and setting goals (a new year, anyone?).  That evening my companion and I had help from our ward mission leader with meeting an investigator and teaching her about the Plan of Salvation.  Unfortunately, we don't know if this investigator really has any interest, so we will have to see where things go from here.

Saturday we were able to visit with the former investigator we ran into on Wednesday and set expectations.  He has a lot of positive memories of when he met the Sisters years ago, so that's great! After that, our plans weren't really working out with investigators, but at the end of the day a member said we could share a spiritual thought with him.  After the thought, he showed us his progress record when he was investigating the Church years ago, that was really cool.  On Sunday there was a mission farewell for a future Sister missionary, and I got to give a talk for part of the Sacrament meeting.  It was about finding happiness every day, and I used Elder Wirthlin's last talk from General Conference in October of 2008 for the focus of my talk.  It went over well, and to close the week, as we were out trying to meet with an investigator, we met the landlord of the apartment complex we were at and learned he is actually a member.  So while we didn't get to see our investigator (he wasn't home), we did find a less active member.  Despite plans being warped or thrown out the window, somehow things still work out

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