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Monday, January 18, 2016

Lego Buddies

With the last week of the transfer, came many adventures.  So where do we begin?  P-day of course!  The day was actually my companion´s 20th birthday, so in the morning he opened up some presents and made a nice breakfast.  After emails, we traveled to Wetterau, part of our district, because we were invited to play a game with other missionaries.  What it ended up being was a "Star Wars" themed "Dungeons and Dragons" game.  Talk about a nerdy experience!  It made for some good laughs though, so it was kind of fun (although I don´t think "Dungeons and Dragons" would ever be something I would commit myself too).  My companion and I then went out to eat at a nice Italian restaurant for his birthday, and then we made a visit to a member.  Tuesday Elder Merkley and I got some contact information for a potential investigator from Elders in our district to check out.  The guy wasn´t home, but we were able to get something set up the next day, and then we knocked on doors in the area.  We then picked up a member to drive out to Fulda to make a visit to a member and her boyfriend who is investigating the church.  The member we took with, and the member we visited herself are both very missionary minded (she has three children who have served missions, one who is currently serving)  so it was a great experience to meet and talk with the boyfriend, plus there was some amazing food.

Wednesday we were able to meet with the potential investigator we set out to meet the day before, and he was way prepared for the Gospel.  He comes from a Muslim background, but he was asking all the perfect questions about the nature of religion and the purpose of life.  We then met with another investigator and talked about our Heavenly Father.  We also gave this man a copy of the Book of Mormon in Spanish, which was actually a way cool experience.  The man seemed so touched and grateful for the copy of the Book of Mormon, it was special to see.  Thursday was district meeting, and we got a district picture because we figured some changes would be coming for the next transfer.  In the evening we helped a member with a home teaching appointment.  The family we were visiting consisted of a single mother recently reactivated in the church and her six year old son.  At the beginning of the appointment, I was asked by the home teacher if I could help out this six year old boy build his Star Wars Lego he was showing off and distracting everyone with.  After two hours of legos, games, and everything six year old boys love, this kid and I were the best of friends while the home teacher and my companion talked to the mother.

Friday my companion got a call from our mission president informing him he would be serving as a district leader for the next transfer in another area.  We then went out to Fulda again to meet a woman who has had contact with missionaries for nearly 20 years.  She is very firm in her faith she has, but we had a really good discussion, and gave her a talk to read from the last General Conference in October.  We then spent a little bit of time at an Elders Quorum social we were invited too, and then drove home in the snow that had just started to hit.  Saturday Elder Merkley and I met with a man we call every night at 9:30 to see how he is doing.  Something is wrong with this guy´s head, and he´s known the Elders for years, but he´s a really nice guy.  We then met with a less active member and talked about the importance of church.  That evening we got a call telling us I would be getting a new companion in Hanau, and Elder Merkley would be going to the Nürnberg Zone.

Sunday there was snow in Hanau, Elder Merkley said goodbye to the ward, and then our Brazilian Elder gave his very first talk in Germany.  Elder Merkley and I then had a dinner appointment with some members: the single mother we visited for home teaching, and then her parents who are also in the ward.  During this time I found out how much the six year old boy I played with really appreciated me. His mom and grandparents told me I was like an older brother to him.  Wow!  This home teaching appointment really turned out to be something!

 I´ve only got one transfer left now for my mission.  Whatever may come, bring it on!

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