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Monday, January 4, 2016

Year´s End...

First and foremost, I totally made it into the newspaper!  It's old news, actually, but the ward recently gave me a copy of the paper to hold onto for memory's sake.  Somehow the ward in Hanau got a spot in the newspaper to say that two missionaries, the brand new missionary here and I, moved into Hanau, which is pretty cool!

With the start of the week, I tested my courage and decided to cut my hair by myself.  It turned out alright, could have been better, could have been worse.  With the seasonal sales in Germany after Christmas, I was able to find a brand new suit and shoes for an awesome deal, so now I got something nice to wear for when I'm back in the states! P-day was also spent playing "Settlers of Catan" with a member and the other Elders, and finding someone in the ward to help with a future teaching appointment, which was surprisingly hard to do, but in the end we found someone.

Tuesday all plans we had fell out, so we ended up going to a small town and knock on some doors.  We did meet a man who was in charge of the local church in the area, who recognized us as Elders and was happy to see us, so that was nice.  Wednesday was district meeting, where the zone leaders showed up and talked about how missions change people if you let it, and later in the day we met with a woman we met with last week.  She actually did the commitment we gave of her reading Moroni 7 in the Book of Mormon, which made for a nice appointment talking about, faith, hope, charity, and good things coming from God.

Thursday (New Year's Eve!) my companion and I ventured out to a town called Steinau to find a less active member.  Sadly, we couldn't find her, but we did find a cool little castle and stuff about the Brothers Grimm all around the town.  We also had a dinner appointment with a member family, the parents of the family both being return missionaries, and having a great visit talking about sharing the Book of Mormon with others.  My companion and I then stayed up to watch the fireworks and welcome in the new year from our apartment.  We tried to capture the moment of all the chaos outside, but taking pictures of fireworks never seems to turn out that well.  Oh well, welcome 2016!

Starting the new year, my companion and I planned for the next week, and then we went on a split.  I stayed in Hanau with my district leader, and he inspected the apartment.  The next day we drove out to meet with a less active member we meet regularly with and talk about faith and repentance.  The split ended, and then it was off to Sunday. The most notable event that happened in church was that I taught the lesson in Sunday School, with the new topic of the year being the Book of Mormon.  Of course it was daunting to be in a ward that's bigger than anything I've known my whole mission, plus I am still getting to know the majority of the members, and then teach in German, but I was told it turned out well, so hooray!

In reflection, a lot happened in 2015, my year completely dedicated to serving the Lord.  It went by fast, and I feel I can say I am happy with the year and how it turned out, which is the most I could ask for.  On to the new year!

Making the News

A Cool Little Castle

Brothers Grimm

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