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Monday, June 23, 2014

A Week of Change

Hello everybody,

This week consisted of a lot of change in my district.  But before that, I had some interesting experiences.  We had a street display in Offenbach, where I and some other Elders encountered a Nazi!  He was blaming the Jews for everything and just kind of went off on hating the Jews.  He apparently had a Book of Mormon, but of course he hasn`t read it.  Fun stuff.

On Wednesday the new golden missionaries came to our Ward building for their first day.  We went street contacting with them, and I and a golden had a pretty cool experience where he and I approached an older couple and we talked for a good 40 minutes and we gave them a Book of Mormon and they had us sign our names in it and put the date in there so they could always remember the experience.  They didn`t seem interested in meeting again, but they really enjoyed talking to us.  It was cool though, for me, who is still a golden, to be paired with another golden, and have that experience.

After that my companion and I moved to the apartment in Offenbach.  It has a balcony, so my companion was pretty excited for that.  We then said goodbye to the Elders who were serving in Offenbach but have now finished their mission, and said hello to the new missionaries taking their place.  We had the opportunity to go to the leaving Elders testimony meeting, which was pretty cool, and I even got a 3D R2-D2 puzzle afterwards that another missionary found and gave to me.  The next days were about getting to know the new missionaries in our district better, so we went to a street display in Hanau, and we did a service project for a member by trimming her hedge.

Finally, on Sunday we had a special meeting where multiple stakes got together and a new stake was announced.  It was a pretty busy week and a lot happened, but I survived it!  Things will probably start to settle down now, and I will continue to update every week.

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