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Monday, June 16, 2014

Finding Week

This week was the final week of my first transfer, and boy, did this transfer feel like it went by fast!

The week started with hot temperatures, but somehow I was able to get away without getting a serious sunburn.  Tuesday we went to the Frankfurt Temple as a district, and I got some pictures of that for all of you.

The week consisted of a lot of finding activities, because it was "finding week" in our zone.  We had two street displays, one in Offenbach, and one in Hanau.  The one in Offenbach was rough because a Muslim came up to me and another elder and for 40 minutes talked to us straight about why his religion was the closest to God.  We also did a "bingo" activity in Frankfurt where we looked for different types of people to contact.

Other than finding activities this week, I went on a split with one of the other Offenbach elders, all of our appointments fell out, and I cut the bottom of my toe.  That was the end of my Transfer!


From the letter he sent his mom:

Unfortunately, this week I cut the bottom of my big toe Friday night, and I slipped in the shower and skinned my elbow today.  The toe cut is not terrible, but it is really annoying, because as a missionary, your life consists of a lot of walking, and I don`t want to walk too much with my toe!  It looks like it is getting better every day though, so that is good.

It was chocolate that got on my shirt, when I used tide to go, since you wondered.  German chocolate is better than American chocolate, but it does seem to melt faster.

 So, the transfer ended, I am still with my trainer, no big surprise there, and the mission president will change around the 26 or 27 of June, I believe.

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