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Monday, July 14, 2014

Germany for the Win!

Crazy World Cup week for Germany, and I got to watch the final!

This week was interesting in its own special way.  We had some good appointments with members of our branch, including our branch president, and also appointments with some investigators.  I had a split with one of the other Offenbach Elders, which is always fun, and we got to talk a lot about our mission area and trying to figure it out.  We tried throughout the week to do some street displays, but everytime we tried, it would rain!  The weather here has been full of rain, thunder, and lightning, we actually got caught in the rain walking home from church, thankfully I brought my umbrella.  We were able to successfully go through one street display, where we tried things differently and brought a TV, a laptop, and American lemonade.  It was different from all of the other street displays before, which I think was good.  

World Cup wise, when Germany played against Brazil, it was right around when we were getting ready for bed.  We started to hear a lot of screaming out in the streets and wondered what was going on.  One of the members started to text us and tell us whenever Germany made a goal, that was an intense evening!  Then with the final, we got permission to watch it if we had an investigator with us, so we found one and went over to a member`s house and enjoyed watching the game.  I am happy I bought the national jersey now that Germany has won, and now I can say I was there in Germany when they won the World Cup.  Pretty cool.

So now that things have cooled down, hopefully mission wise we can find more success.  This transfer seems to be flying by, and my training days are almost over! Yikes!

Until next time!

 Aaron and his companion stuck in the rain
(I don't know how to rotate the picture.  Sorry. -Aaron's Mom)

 Street display

Germany wins the World Cup

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