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Monday, July 21, 2014

Ultron has a new friend

This week was pretty eventful:  two splits, a sick companion, and the branch calling me Jesus.

So early in the week, my companion took a sick day where he slept a lot.  For most of that time, I studied, cleaned the apartment, and started to work on my 3D puzzle I got from my zone leaders.  I finished R2 a few days later, and he looks pretty good, he even talks when you press a button!  Ultron is not so lonely anymore.

I also went on two splits, one in Hanau, and the other in Offenbach with a zone leader.  They both went well, and in Hanau we went to a smaller German village that actually felt like Germany.  It was beautiful, with lots of trees, old buildings, and actual German people!  

With the Jesus situation, there was a member who has a mental handicap, but for whatever reason, didn´t take his medicine, and started telling me a bunch of crazy things.  He said I was a higher intelligence and that he saw me create the universe and that I was better than Jesus.  It was weird, and at one point he even sort of attacked another Elder when he was pulled outside of the church (the church was open that day for Basketball).  So, the entire branch found out about it, and on Sunday they started to call me Jesus.  Yeah, not sure what to think of all of it, but on the other side of things, we did get some new investigators to come to church, which was awesome!

Well, I hope you are all doing well, until next time!

 Ultron helps build R2

 Aaron with his R2 puzzle

Aaron in a small German village

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