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Monday, July 7, 2014

The Fourth of July in Germany

This week flew by quickly.  I had a split and the fourth of July in another country, and met the new mission president.  

The new mission president, President Stoddard, is from Utah, and both he and his wife seem very friendly.  He talked about when he was being trained, he and all of the other new mission presidents went to the Thanksgiving Point Megaplex to watch the new church film with one of the apostles.  I thought that was cool, considering that I worked there for a year and a half.

The split I had was fun, the elder I was with, Elder Moore, loves to cook, so everyone likes to have him around because he always makes something good!  He also enjoys talking about movies, so he and I got along really well.  It was fun.

The Fourth of July was honestly kind of sad.  I missed all of the fireworks, but we did make cheeseburgers for dinner, that was fun.  We also did a street display that day but no one was out because there was a World Cup game going on at the time.  Oh well. . .

Everyone seems to be pretty excited about the World Cup, it is fun, but it will be kind of nice when it is all over.  

Sorry I don't have any pictures with me in them this week!

Aaron's 4th of July Dinner

excerpt form his letter to his mom:
I am doing well, and yes, I like my new apartment.  Apparently it is the nicest apartment in the whole mission, or so I have been told.  It has a balcony where you can see Frankfurt in the distance, some big speakers hooked up to the portable DVD player so we can listen to music, and it is pretty big.  The only down side of the apartment is that the bathroom has no door, and the bathroom is pretty tiny.  A door should be coming soon, but as of right now, we have to use a sheet as a makeshift door.  Germany is really excited about the world cup, after the games everyone is out in the streets partying, not the best time for missionaries to be out in the open.  

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