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60325 Frankfurt am Main

Monday, January 26, 2015

Biking In The Snow

The weather has been picking up lately in Paderborn, including a lot of rain and snow.  It has been an adventure riding bikes with the weather!  So far no crashes or disasters, and I hope it stays that way.

The week consisted of something to do every day, which was awesome!  We have been helping our recent convert, Brother Seeger, with FamilySearch a lot lately.  We have been meeting him at the church, and walking him through how to do things, and he has been loving it.  We also had some experience with new investigators.  We were able to make an appointment with an older couple that came to church last week and give them a copy of the Book of Mormon.  We didn´t get to teach much, because the man just kind of talked the whole time, and then took us on a bike ride so he could show us where the baptist church was in Paderborn.  That was an unexpected thing to be doing.  We also met a friend of Brother Seeger who is now an investigator.  Brother Seeger brought this man with him one day when we were going to meet for FamilySearch.  The friend saw a painting in the church, which caught his attention, and from there we were able to give him a tour of the building, and give him a copy of the Book of Mormon.  We met together with Brother Seeger and his friend the days following and went through the first lesson, and the friend came to church.  Brother Seeger is loving being involved in missionary work.

It has been a great first week together with my new companion, things are looking really positive.  I would say from my experience this week that blessings from Heavenly Father do happen!

Aaron biking in the snow.

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