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Monday, May 18, 2015

Elder Down!

Quite the uneventful week for me out here in Germany, but that is kind of ok, because my companion was sick for the majority of the week.

After P-day my companion and I went out and knocked on some doors.  We met one guy who showed a little interest, because he himself has had experience as a door to door salesman, and he was trying to figure out why two young guys would spend so much time doing something "boring."

Tuesday the district met in W├╝rzburg for a district meeting, and interviews with the mission president.  I found out with my interview that I would receive the car from the senior couple in the district for a little bit, while they figure out trying to get German driver´s licences.  That was a surprise!

The next day my companion expressed he wasn´t feeling to well and fell asleep on the couch after our morning studies.  A little later in the day, he felt bad about being sick, and wanted to get outside, so we did.  We were able to share a copy of the Book of Mormon with someone, and ran into a member in the streets.  After we returned to the apartment for dinner my companion crashed.

Thursday was a German holiday, and with a sick companion, I ended up the whole day hanging out in the apartment.  The other Schweinfurt Elders came by to work out some issues they were dealing with, and after that got all sorted out, we ate dinner together.

Friday my companion was feeling better, so we got outside and did some finding.  Saturday we had our transfer call, and learned that one of the other Schweinfurt Elders would be leaving to another area to be a district leader.  That was cool, and we had a nice breakfast afterwards.  Later that evening, my companion felt sick again, so we retired to the apartment, and on Sunday my companion was still feeling sick, so I ended up the whole day in the apartment, missing church.  A lot of time was spent reading books from the missionary library that I had yet to read.

Until next week!

Aaron finding something to read

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