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Monday, May 11, 2015

The Deutsche Bahn Strikes Back

Hello Everyone!

Early in the week we learned that the trains were going on strike, which ended up messing with the entire week!  What felt like an adventure followed.

Tuesday we had a zone training meeting where we talked about using technology in the mission, even though we still have no clue when the iPads will actually come.  It kind of feels like everyone is starting to run out of things to say about the topic, and it is getting kind of old hearing the same things over, and over again, but at least we know that something will happen in the future.  After the meeting we learned that returning to Schweinfurt from Nürnberg was near impossible because of the strike, so what happened was we traveled to Würzburg with the Elders in our district, and from there we got a ride home from the Bishop of Würzburg, who lives in Schweinfurt.  Also we had a surprise split with the Würzburg Elders, because of how things worked out relating to the strike.

The split was with an Elder who came out to Germany the same time as me, and our split was right around our one year mark in Germany, but because of the strike, most of our time was spent trying to figure out how we were going to get back to our companions.  For the short time we had, we baked a cake for another elder in our district who would be having a birthday the following day.  So late in the evening, I was carrying a cake around trying to get around the horrible train schedules.

Friday I got to see some of the prettier sides of Schweinfurt while trying to go out finding former investigators, and on Saturday we had a street display planned, but it rained and we had to save our materials by retreating back to the church.  At the church, my companion and I helped out the other Schweinfurt Elders by giving someone a tour of our church building, so at least there was that.

Sunday we had Stake conference in a city called Fürth.  There, two Elders from the Seventy came, and announced that the former mission president, President Schwartz, would become the new Stake President in the Nürnberg Stake.  That was a cool surprise.  In the evening all of us Elders in Schweinfurt went to a member family´s house to do skype with our families, and have a barbeque, which was really nice.

The week flew by, a lot of crazy stuff happened, but it was a good week. Here is hoping that there is not another strike in a long time.

Long Day with the trains

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