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Monday, May 4, 2015

The Age of Ultron

So to get it out of the way,  Avengers: Age of Ultron came out in America last weekend, so Ultron got some special pictures for the occasion.

Returning to normal missionary life, early in the week was another district meeting.  My companion and I worked together to give a lesson about agency, and the lesson ended up involving everyone in the district drawing pictures of me.  That was pretty funny, and being the loving district leader, I gave them all chocolate for it.

After the district meeting, I had a split with another Elder who works in Schweinfurt.  Together we searched for members and investigators on our records who have gone missing, and met with some investigators.  The following day, after the split, my companion and I had time set up to meet with an investigator, but it didn´t work out so we made brownies to give out to members and investigators during that time instead.  It always feels good to surprise people with brownies!

Friday was Labour Day in Germany, so not a whole lot happened.  Holidays are always dead outside when it comes to Germany.  We did get weekly planning done, and had a little bit of time with the other Schweinfurt Elders for dinner.  The following day we did some finding, a German language test provided by the MTC we do every few months, and played basketball for our game night.  Sunday was relaxed at Church, and in the evening, my companion and I met with some investigators we had been trying for awhile to meet with, and learned that they have nearly completed reading the Book of Mormon.  That was cool!

So the week came to an end, and a new one begins.  Until then, May the 4th be with you!


Ulton (with Aaron in the back)

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