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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Guess Who Got A Car

It was the beginning of a new transfer, and new things happened in the Schweinfurt District.

After an uneventful Pday, I had a short split with the Elder in Schweinfurt who would be moving to a new area.  The other Elders had planned some stuff at the same time, so we did a split so they could do everything they planned.  That meant I got to go to a member appointment for dinner.

The next day we had a district meeting in Würzburg, and after that, my companion and I traveled with the senior couple in the district to pick up their car.  Of course, the senior couple wanted to show off the town they were living in and due to heavy traffic, the whole experience of picking up the car lasted much longer than planned, but it didn´t harm anything.  So I got to pick up the senior couple´s car and drive it from Würzburg to Schweinfurt, and part of that trip was on the Autobahn.  I can say I have driven on the Autobahn now!

The next day was full of finding and helping out the other Elders getting ready for transfers.  That meant transporting them around to their many appointments, and getting in on another dinner appointment.  My companion and I were able to share a Book of Mormon with someone we met on the street during the day, so that was cool.  Thursday we welcomed the Elder coming into Schweinfurt, and did a lot of walking around for trying to find people.

Friday my companion and I were able to use the car to visit a less active member who lives a bit far out, and it was nice to have the car to do that.  Saturday we joined up with the other Schweinfurt Elders, and did chalk art on the street, and in the evening we did our usual game night in the church.  Sunday was the day before a holiday, so there were a few visitors at church (members from other regions of Germany who were traveling), and after church we had a meal appointment with the Bishop, and senior couple missionaries who were visiting from Nürnberg.  We got to learn a little more about East Germany back in the day the wall was still up.  It was cool to learn about.

That was the week!  As always, I will update the status of my mission next week.  Until then!

Aaron with a car

Aaron with the Schweinfurt wall

More chalk art

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