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Monday, October 12, 2015


Another week in Germany means more adventures!  It all started on Monday, otherwise known as P-Day.  After shopping and emails, my companion and I went to go visit a "Schloss"  in Siegen and see the sights.  Being a Monday, the day when everything is closed, we were not able to go into the Schloss or the museum there, but we got to walk the grounds a bit and found a memorial relating to events in WWII about allied soldiers that discovered art hidden by the Nazis, stuff relating to "The Monuments Men."  From there, we walked into a shopping complex and found that the place had been decked out with showcases containing things that belonged to the Beatles!  They had guitars, drums, outfits, the works, and it was fun to check out.  We also caught up on the last General Conference session that day.

Tuesday  we traveled to meet a potential investigator we met earlier in the African shop the week before.  When we arrived at the address, we were a little lost because we couldn´t find where the man lived, but thankfully we found him when he walked out of his apartment, and we were able to meet.  We also visited the African shop and taught our investigator about the Sabbath and tithing.  Wednesday, in the morning we teamed up with a member and helped an older member pick apples from trees, and then we went out to a hospital to give a blessing to a member who got into a bike crash.  Later that day we visited the member we teamed up with to say happy birthday.  Thursday we traveled to Dortmund for a zone training meeting, and also interviews with our mission president.  All went well, and then we traveled out to meet with our American investigators and teach about keeping the Sabbath day holy.

Friday was weekly planning, and then we met with our acting branch president and senior missionary to help clean an apartment for a less active member.  That took some time, and in the evening we went out to eat with the missionary senior couple.  Saturday, early in the morning, we ran to the hospital to give a copy of the Book of Mormon to the member in the hospital.  We wanted one to share with somebody he was rooming with there in the hospital.  After that, we got a phone call from from our American investigators asking if we could come visit them, so we did.  Strange enough, one of them wandered off before we got there, so our time was spent trying to find this investigator, but sadly it didn´t happen.  Later that evening we worked on preparing materials for an upcoming baptismal date for our investigator with a baptisimal date.

Sunday was fast and testimony meeting, and I got to conduct sacrament meeting for the first time ever.  We also had our American investigators come to church, which in and of itself was a miracle because they live far away from the church and can only get there by train.  They made it, however, and that´s what counts!

Alles Gute!

Monuments Men

Beatles Guitars


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