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Monday, October 5, 2015

My Last General Conference on My Mission‏

The 185 Seminannual General Conference hit, making for 4 General Conferences since entering the MTC. Oh how fast the time has flown by.

The week started with P-Day, which was spent doing emails, playing Monopoly, Ping Pong, and Kicker.  In the evening we tried to meet with a member family, but sadly the husband was sick, so they asked us to come again the next day.  Tuesday we drove to Dortmund for District Meeting, and there my companion got to meet the district since first coming to Siegen.  From that point on, we started a split where I drove back to Siegen with the companion of the District Leader, and together we visited the African shop and the family from the day before.  At the shop, our friend of the Church with a baptisimal date was too busy dealing with customers, but we were able to sit down at the shop and talk a little bit with people there.  We also left with a prayer as we always do there, and then visited the family and talked about Elder Scott´s last General Conference talk, which focused on prayer, scripture study, family home evening, and attending the temple.

The next day we drove back to Dortmund to finish our split, amongst heavy construction on the roads making for driving next to semi-trucks in some uncomfortable tiny lanes.  Upon receiving our normal companions, we split back, and my companion and I went out to visit our American investigators.  We taught about the law of chastity and how if they live it they can prepare for baptism.  One understood what we were saying, but the other did not, so we have some work to do to make sure everyone is on equal grounds there.  Thursday we went to city to continue working on Visa stuff for my companion, and we also had a meal appointment with a member, who at the time of our arrival, was on Skype with a return missionary who served in Siegen at the beginning of the year.

Friday we had our usual weekly planning session, and we visited the African shop again.  This time we were able to talk a little with the lady with a baptisimal date, and we also got to know some other people as well and passed out multiple copies of the Book of Mormon and invited everyone to General Conference.  From there, we teamed up with the senior missionary couple and visited a family in the branch and talked about the temple and General Conference.  Saturday was the the National day of German Unity, which meant everything was closed down and nobody was outside.  We visited a less active member and helped him out with a few cleaning tasks, and then we went to the Church to set up General Conference.  That consisted of setting up a projector and a sound System, which I had a lot of fun setting up.  My companion and I were the only people present for the first session of Conference.

On Sunday members showed up for one session of General Conference, but for the majority of the time, it was really only us, the Elders, and maybe one or two other members.  The talks given in conference were really good though, and it was great to see three new Apostles of the Lord called!  For me, Conference was an uplifting time and I know that the words spoken were spoken by prophets, seers, and revelators.

It´s hard to believe the next time General Conference rolls around, I will be home!

Aaron setting up for Conference

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