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Monday, October 19, 2015

Cars, Toys, and Baptismal Dates

It was a busy week in Siegen!  It all started on Monday, where I finally caved in and submitted to the power of the Force and bought cereal with a Star Wars Episode VII toy.  The rest of the P-Day was spent actually not really having a P-Day, but rather, cleaning a dirty, dusty shed at a member´s house for six hours.  After that we did emails, and then went to bed.  Tuesday we traveled to Dortmund for district meeting, and afterwards went out to eat at a nice Italian restaurant for lunch.  Upon returning from Dortmund, we got a call from a member asking us if we could pick up some groceries for her.  We did that and then she asked us if we could pick up a TV she bought online from someone in the city, so we did that as well.  That basically consisted all of Tuesday.

Wednesday we went to a less active member´s house who is confined to his home, and picked up a shopping list from him.  We ended up having to go to three different grocery stores for this member (he used to be a chef) and then rushing over to an appointment with our American investigators because the shopping took longer than we thought it would.  The appointment afterwards went well however.  Thursday was unique because we drove from Siegen all the way to Frankfurt, to trade in our car we had with a newer one.  That trip involved seeing the first snowfall of the season, and struggling to find a parking spot in the busy streets of Frankfurt.  It lasted all day.

Friday we had our usual weekly planning, and afterwards going back to the less active member´s house and doing his dishes.  We also were able to visit the African shop and got into a discussion about the gifts of the Spirit and living as Christ would.  Saturday we went to the member we helped on Monday and spent a little bit of time at the self reliance program he put on (the whole reason for us cleaning on P-Day in the first place) and switching out the new car with the senior missionary couple's car.  We also went out to get some shoes for an investigator to help him get to Church, and visited a less active family with a member.  Finally, on Sunday we had our American investigators show up to church, and we invited them to baptism for the end of the year, which they accepted!  We also were able to visit a member after church and help out in writing an email in English.

In summary, there was a lot of service this week, and also setting two baptismal dates!

Giving in to the Force

His reward
[Mom note:  His little brother, Hyrum, noticed the temple in this picture first]

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