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Monday, October 26, 2015

Great Scott!

The future has finally arrived, come this last week, and here is what happened out in Sigen during that time:

Monday was P-day, which involved the usual shopping, emails, and then the not so usual driving to Dortmund to do bowling with other missionaries in the zone, and starting a split with my district leader back in Siegen.  Tuesday we drove back to Dortmund for district meeting, and on the way I realized the card we had to pay for gas was missing.  That put a bit of a panic on the day because we were starting to run low on gas.  Despite the odds though, we were able to make it to Dortmund safely, and then drive out to visit our American investigators and teach them about tithing.  At the end of the day we had an apartment inspection from the missionary senior couple in our zone, and right after that the card for the gas was found in a pocket of a jacket my companion owned.  

October 21, 2015 at 7:28 am my district leader and I celebrated the arrival of Marty Mcfly by making a video using all the materials we had in connection to "Back to the Future."  We then drove to Dortmund again to end our split, and then Elder Sollis and I helped a less active member buy groceries.  Right as we were done with that, I managed to get a picture of me, my companion, and a toy DeLorean at 16:28, which, for California, was 7:28.  We also visited the African shop that evening.

Thursday we went to a tire place to pick up winter tires for the old car we had, but they didn´t have them in yet.  We also did some looking for trying to find options for a weekly service project in the community.  Friday we had a good experience talking to someone on the street and sharing the Gospel, although nobody we talked to accepted more than a pass along card.  We also helped out the less active member some more by doing dishes and picking up medicine for him.  Saturday was transfer calls, where we learned that Elder Sollis and I will continue to work together in Siegen, and then we did planning for the next week and helped out a lady in our ward transport groceries for her so she wouldn´t have to carry them all on a bus.  At the end of the day we had a brief visit with a member.  Finally, on Sunday, we had our American investigators come to church, and the last session of General Conference was shown.  After Church, we went out with a member to visit a less active family in the branch, and then we had dinner with the member we were with.

The future looks bright!

Bowling with the zone

The "Future" is here

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