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Monday, March 9, 2015

District Leader, Brownies, and Migraines

For my first full week in Schweinfurt, I got to get more familiar with District Leader responsibilities through a mission wide conference call for new leaders, a district leader meeting in the city of N├╝rnberg, and leading my first district meeting!  It all was fun, and was a good learning experience.  For a first district meeting, it went well, and it is fun to have a senior couple in the district.

As for normal missionary responsibilities, we knocked on some doors, went by and tried to meet with some potential investigators, and deliver brownies made by Elder Wilde.  As for getting Brownies out, only one person we intended to get them to received brownies.  That was cool however, and the lady was really happy about getting a treat for her and her daughter.  We also had a game night where a friend of the church showed up and we played Settlers of Catan together and got to know the guy who showed up.

One day, after a meeting with the Bishop, my companion got a migraine, which knocked him out for the rest of the day.  He just rested in the apartment, and I went about getting unpacked, shining shoes, etc.

On Sunday we had a service missionary come down to help translate for a Russian investigator, and another potential investigator came to church also.  In the evening, when Elder Wilde and I went out to do doors, the first door we did let us in, and we got to meet a prisoner of war from WWII who was in the Hitler Youth and we got to learn a little bit about WWII history.  The man and his wife had friends who were Mormons, so it was a cool experience.

As always, I will keep you informed next week about everything concerning my mission. Until then!

At the church on Pday

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