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Monday, March 2, 2015

Welcome To Schweinfurt

A new start to a new transfer (the 8th transfer, to be exact)!

For my last Pday in Paderborn my companion and I found a place to go bowling, which was a lot of fun, and before I left Paderborn I got to say goodby to Br. Seeger and Herr Vogt, and go out to eat with them.  It was a good time, and I am happy to have served in Paderborn.

Transfers was busy, did a lot of traveling, getting little sleep, and trying to carry three suitcases of luggage with me, glad it is all over now.

Arriving to Schweinfurt, I met my new companion, Elder Wilde, and the other two Elders in Schweinfurt.  The next morning we spent a lot of time at the Bishop´s house doing renovations, and our entire district was there to help out.  It was a good time, and it looks like we could be doing a lot of service there these next few weeks.  The days following involved a lot of knocking on doors, because that it what you do in Schweinfurt.

On Sunday I got to meet the ward, which is the size of a branch because the American Military base closed down recently.  I would say it is about the same size of Paderborn, maybe a little bigger.  Everyone is friendly, which is good.  Sunday evening I got to do my first call ins with the elders in my district as district leader!

Schweinfurt is an interesting place.  It is small, and feels different from anything I have done before on my mission.  There are multiple Elders here however, and the bishop here is a huge help in missionary work, which is cool!  Should be a fun time serving in Schweinfurt!

Until next time!

Last Pday in Paderborn

Saying Goodbye to Elder Crittenden, 
Brother Seeger and Herr Vogt

Aaron and his new companion, Elder Wilde

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