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Monday, February 15, 2016

A Whole Lot of the Book of Mormon

So, the week flew by rather quickly.

Monday was an interesting day for multiple reasons.  To start off, I had to pick up my last companion´s driver´s license at a government building and then mail it off to Elder Merkley.  At that point it was raining rather hard outside, so we spent the free time of our P-day playing Settlers of Catan with a member.  In the evening we drove out to spend family home evening with the new 2nd counselor of the bishopric and his family.  As we arrived, so too did the Bishop and his family.  We ended up having one big family home evening and dinner together, which was fun.  The spiritual thought turned into Christlike attributes and how they are better than what the world sees as important in the character of man.

Tuesday was another rainy day, with us walking around in it checking up on less active members and seeing if they were actually still around or not.  Later in the day we met with our investigator we read the Book of Mormon with, and read about Nephi and obtaining the brass plates.  We were wondering if this investigator was getting anything when reading out of the Book of Mormon, but as we read that chapter together, he showed he was paying attention to what we were all reading together.  We finished the day with ward choir.  Wednesday all of us Hanau Elders took a train to Friedrichsdorf, where the temple is, for a zone training meeting.  At the end of the meeting they asked the leavers to bear their testimonies like they always do, but that meant it was my turn to give a testimony.  It was a good experience, but man, time is really speeding up now!  After the meeting and reading in the Book of Mormon with our investigator, we met up with the ward clerk and sorted out the work we had done so far on the member list, and then we were involved helping out with Young Mens.  We talked about Preach My Gospel, and helped them practice teaching missionary lessons.  Mission prep, one could say.

Thursday we traveled out to do some more member list work, and found everyone in the area to still be around.  After reading in the Book of Mormon we thought to go by a Syrian family we know.  They are always super busy so it´s hard to meet, but this time we were able to stop by briefly, see how they were doing, and finally give them a copy of the Book of Mormon in Arabic.  As for Friday, after weekly planning we met with an investigator and mostly talked the whole time about how the Book of Mormon is not the Bible, but another testament of Jesus Christ.  After that, we read with our other investigator, and that about summed up the whole day.  Saturday, Elder Ireton woke up to an ingrown toenail, so we had to deal with that for the first part of the day.  We did some more member list work and visiting/reading the Book of Mormon with our investigator.  That was kind of a hard day because this investigator has been complaining almost non-stop about a medical problem he has, and how terrible his doctor is.  We asked if he could try letting go of his grudge against his doctor, and he got a bit mad.

Sunday was Valentines Day, which was hard to remember the whole day, but oh well, whatever.  We didn´t have any investigators make it to church, but we had some good interactions with members.  Later in the day when visiting our investigator and reading in the Book of Mormon together, I tried to change my attitude of frustration to being more positive, something talked about in church, and it helped a lot.  Despite this investigator still having frustrating problems, I felt more at peace than in the days before.  Valentines Day was also the day I hit the teens as to how many days I have left in Germany.

Like I said, time is flying.

Playing games

Zone Meeting

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