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Monday, February 29, 2016

Is This Really How Things Wrap Up?

You know you're getting old on your mission when the expiration date of the milk you're drinking  is your release date.

So it was, this week.  As for starting the week off, P-day was your usual list of things to do, with nothing really out of the ordinary. In the evening my companion and I had planned to meet with a man other missionaries had met with, but now he has moved to Hanau.  After waiting a while, we got a call from him informing us he couldn't make it, but we could meet the next day.  For Tuesday we traveled to district meeting, which was all about working with members, and then I was off on my last split of my mission.  My district leader and I worked in my area, and we met with the man we were hoping to meet with the day before.  This guy is Arabic and met missionaries who gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon in his mother language.  After reading some of the book, he decided he wants to change his religion.  In other words, we got a solid new investigator!  The day ended practicing with the ward choir.

Wednesday my district leader and I drove out to meet with a less active member we work often with.  It was my last time with this member, so we said goodbye before we were done visiting him.  We then drove to the city of Gießen to end the split.  Returning to Hanau, my companion and I met with our eternal investigator to read in the Book of Mormon with him.  We also met a woman at the church who some members wanted us to meet.  She had keys to the church building for several years, and was returning them to the bishopric.  We were there to say hello and invite her to meet with us.  She has our number now, so maybe someday...

Thursday early in the day we drove to the Church's distribution center in Europe to get a new car.  What we got was a brand new 2016 Toyota Yaris hybrid.  It's a really nice car for a missionary vehicle.  Later that day I went through some legal work saying I was going back to the states, and then we met with our eternal investigator to read, and then met with our new investigator.  Because he comes from the Middle East we have to get special permission to continue teaching him, which an appointment with the mission president was set up for that reason. That'll happen after I'm home.  Friday was weekly planning day and also some work on the ward list.  At the end of the day we met with our ward mission leader and his family to have dinner with them.  It was a "thank you for helping with the piano last week/goodbye Elder Baxter" appointment.  We shared a thought about the Gospel of Christ with them, and had a good time.

Saturday we helped a member clean her dusty attic with our ward mission leader, and we met with our usual investigator to read.  At the end of the day we did some coordinating work with the other Hanau Elders and had our transfer call.  Elder Ireton, my companion, will be training a brand new missionary next transfer.  All was set to have an awesome Sunday the next day where we would have an investigator there, I would say a farewell testimony, and we would teach the youth during the second hour of Church, followed by a member appointment after church.  We were ready for a great day... and then I threw up.  Yup, that's right, at like three in the morning Elder Ireton and I woke up to upset stomachs and we both had to vomit.  All of Sunday turned out to be a sick day for us, never leaving the apartment.  What a bummer to the end of the week!  Especially my last full week of my mission! Not fun, but what can you do other than keep moving forward....

In conclusion to this weekly update is attached two pictures that look similar.  The differences being the first picture being taken in the year 2014, the beginning of my mission, the other being taken this last week, the end of my mission. I did my best to replicate the picture of me standing in front of the city hall and Brothers Grimm statue (despite that bothersome sun shining right in my eyes).  Time is a funny thing, isn't it?  I have one more weekly update to give next week to finish my story as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Germany Frankfurt Mission.  Until then, may the Lord bless you as I know he has blessed me.

"Golden" 2014

"Leaver" 2016

The New Car

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