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Monday, February 1, 2016

Gas Theft and Leaver´s Interview

So, January came to a close, and a lot happened, most of which was unexpected.

Monday was a usual P-day with using our free time to play games with the other Hanau Elders.  In the evening my companion and I got a ride from a member in the ward to visit a less active member together.  We were encouraging this less active member with reading in the scriptures, so for our appointment we all read in the Book of Mormon together.  Tuesday we had no appointments for the day, so we used our time trying to find less active members who live in the area.  During that time some guy gave us the number of his ex-wife and said she wanted to visit our church.  That was cool!

 On Wednesday we did some more less active work, and then we got a call from our district leader informing us that he and his companion would be using our car for the day.  We let them take it because they already had our mission president´s approval, and then we took a train to meet with a member we thought was less active.  It turns out she was more active than we were led on to believe, which made for a nice surprise.  We were with the other Hanau Elders for this appointment because we couldn´t find any male member to help us out in visiting this single sister, and we had a really good time talking about the Book of Mormon and helping her out in her plans for sharing a copy of the Book of Mormon with a friend.   After that appointment, I got a call from my district leader and his companion asking how to fill up the car with gas, and that´s where the adventure began...

Thursday we took a train to district meeting and then got our car back.  As we were back in Hanau preparing for an appointment, we got a call from the vehicle coordinator in our mission telling us that the day before our car was identified for filling up for gas and getting a car wash and then not paying for it.  We asked our district leader and his companion about it, and they said they thought they had paid for the gas, but didn´t get a car wash.  As we took a look at the receipt from the gas stop, we found it to be only for a car wash.  Obviously there was some sort of mix up at the cash register when they went to pay for the gas.  We continued on with the day, visited a member with another member and talked about concerns this returning member was having, and at the end of the day we took a picture of the receipt for the mistake car wash and emailed it to the mission office.  The next morning we got a call from our district leader and his companion telling us we needed to pick them up right away and drive out to where this gas station was to pay for the gas, because the police were now involved and looking for them.  So, we picked them up and drove two hours to get to a gas station so they could pay for the gas, and then drive all the way back.  At this point of the month, we didn´t have any more kilometers to use for the car, but the mission told us our limit was out the window and we needed to get this whole mix up fixed.  Everyone in the  car was pretty tired, some more than others as you can see in the picture of us four Elders in the car.

Was the day done yet though? No!  Despite our already long day, we helped out in cleaning the church and then meeting with an investigator and talking about the importance of the restoration.  Elder Ireton and I were pretty done with the day at that point.  Saturday we did a lot of weekly planning and attempting to visit an investigator and less active members.  Sunday came around and we had the unique opportunity to have our mission president in attendance and teach about the Book of Mormon in the second and third hour of church, with the help of the four Hanau Elders.  We also saw the Bishop and his counselors be replaced by a new bishop and counselors, making for a unique day.  After church, President Stoddard pulled me aside for my leaver´s interview.  It went really well, and I was able to spend something like an hour and twenty minutes for the interview, talking about various subjects of life when I return home.  I feel like I have some better direction as to what I will be doing with my life after my mission now.

What a whirlwind of a week!  To finish it all off, I thought I would throw in another picture of Ultron and I just for fun.  

Gas Thieves??


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