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Monday, February 22, 2016

"Almost There..."

Five out of the six weeks of the transfer are over now, but all in all it was a pretty good week!

Monday during P-Day my companion and I got to head to Frankfurt and do some shopping before I officially leave Germany.  During that time I got to see Elder Sollis, a past companion of mine, and we ran into an investigator from the AP´s or assistants to the mission president.  At first this guy just started talking to us when we were ordering some food, and through it we found out he was actually investigating the church, so once again, it´s a small world.  That evening we went with a member to visit a single sister in the ward that can´t make it to church that often.  She asked for a priesthood blessing, which I had the opportunity to give, and afterwards we had a really good discussion with her about missionary work, and she got really excited about it all.  Walking away from that appointment, the member we were with talked with a guy just walking by and asked it he was interested in quitting smoking.  Through that we set up an appointment to meet with this guy in a few weeks and help him out.  It was a way cool end to the day!

Tuesday we met with a less active member that I actually met two years ago when I was on a split in Hanau.  It was fun to catch up with this guy finally.  We also read in the Book of Mormon with our one investigator, and ended the day meeting with the ward mission leader and practicing with the ward choir.  Wednesday we worked on member list work for the ward, and met with another less active member and talk about the commandment of fasting.  Thursday we had district meeting in Wetterau like usual, this time the zone leaders were in attendance.  District meeting went way overtime due to everyone giving really long thoughts for those who were asked.  In summary though, we talked about the role of the Holy Ghost in missionary work.  That evening we were also able to read in the Book of Mormon with our investigator.

Friday was when life picked up.  We woke up early in the morning to travel to Frankfurt so my companion could apply for a new passport (he lost his).  Because I wasn´t applying for anything, I had to wait outside the US Consulate for nearly four hours in the snow watching a security guard help people in line for the consulate who curiously enough looked a lot like the actor Martin Freeman.  I did get to talk to some people at that time, and even share the First Vision with an older German man, but at the end of the whole ordeal, I was pretty done.  After warming up, we read with our investigator, met with a member to get to know him better and talk about missionary work, and then in the evening we helped our ward mission leader transport a piano into his home.

Saturday was much more quiet than the day before, with a lot of walking in rain, weekly planning and fallen out appointments.  I even dared look at my luggage situation before I come home that day.  Sunday was a nice day in church.  I got to translate the second hour of church for an investigator from the other Elders, and in the evening meet with the man we are reading the Book of Mormon with.  Through all this reading, we have come to better understand this man´s understanding of the Gospel, and while he doesn´t know a lot, at least now we know.

Just one full week left now...

At the church building

Seeing the sights 

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