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Monday, February 8, 2016

Karneval Begins Again

Another week, another chance for adventures.

Well, to start off the week, after normal P-day activities, we spent family home evening with the recently released bishop and his family.  The family is basically German and American, so the conversations kept on jumping back and forth between German and English, but it was a really fun time, and we had the role to share the spiritual thought for family home evening, which was about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Elder Ireton used a fire demonstration for a visual representation, which was pretty cool. Tuesday (Groundhog Day!) we had some time to make contact with less active members.  All we came up with in the end was a refugee house with no less active member, but now the ward knows, and finding these less active members is an assignment we received from the ward.  Plus, during that time I managed to snap a picture of a landmark in Hanau: the Philippsruhe castle.  That evening we met with our ward mission leader and practiced with the ward choir.

Wednesday we had a split, and I served in Hanau with the companion to the district leader.  We were able to meet with a less active member we meet regularly with, and this time talk about following the prophet.  During studies the idea came to me to watch the talk from President Monson from the Priesthood session of the last General Conference.  It turned out really well, and was exactly what we needed.  Thursday there was district meeting, which was all about learning the language in our mission.  We played a game centered around asking questions, which was pretty fun (and I won!)  Friday was weekly planning and meeting with an investigator.  This guy has been meeting with missionaries for forever, but seems to have never really read the Book of Mormon.  During weekly planning, we got the idea to ask this investigator if he would be interested in reading the Book of Mormon a little bit every day with us, so we asked and he said yes!  So it looks like from here on out, we will be reading a chapter of the Book of Mormon every day to help out this investigator in reading the Book of Mormon.

Saturday we had a full day of appointments.  It started by driving out to Fulda to meet with a potential investigator, but when we got to our destination, the man was nowhere to be found.  Because of expensive parking and us thinking we still had a pretty busy day, we weren´t able to hang around in the area that long.  Upon returning to Hanau, we found a parade being organized right in front of our apartment.  It was for Karneval, so that meant a lot of costumes and beer.  It was fun to watch from our window while eating lunch.  All appointments continued to fall out throughout the day, except for reading a chapter in the Book of Mormon, so I´m grateful that appointment still worked out.  Sunday was Fast Sunday, my last Fast Sunday of my mission if you were to be specific, and the investigator we are reading with was able to make it to church!  Church was great, and it was fun to see how the ward is carrying on with the new bishopric that was instituted last week.  We were also able to read the Book of Mormon with our investigator a couple of hours after church, and ended the week eating homemade pizza with the other Hanau Elders for dinner.

The transfer is now halfway done, with Karneval well under way!

Philippsruhe Castle

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